"As a single person, with no local family, buying my first home was an incredibly daunting (as well as exciting) prospect. I'm pretty self-sufficient, but with this, there were just so many things I didn't know where to begin with - and getting it wrong on a decision as big as a home was terrifying. Finding PlaceLondon was a huge relief: just knowing that there would be someone else in this process with my best interests as their priority made me feel more at ease. Grace was on hand whenever I needed her during the process. She had excellent contacts to pass on, and helped me feel confident that I was reading things correctly, and making good decisions. Her advice was absolutely invaluable throughout the process - I absolutely can't recommend her enough. Thanks, Grace!"

Louise Bennett, Forest Hill

"We approached Grace at PlaceLondon to help us carry out some research to look at the property market in a specific region (outside London). We gave her some basic information about our business and property portfolio and asked her to investigate some of the ideas we had had about how we could move forward with our plans. She worked very quickly to research the market in that region, investigate potential partners and report to us a range of strategies with the benefits and risks outlined. She helped us clarify our options and provided us with really useful intel on the best agencies for us to work with in order to carry out these plans. She sent us a detailed written report to meet our deadline. The work she did was really thorough, she maintained confidentiality and charged a competitive rate."

Dr Jess Darby, Seaford Enterprises

"I had already been looking for a few months for my first property when I was introduced to Grace. I had spoken to a countless number of people - friends, family, estate agents about the economy, Brexit, Property market etc and was feeling none the wiser. Share to buy, help to buy, Leasehold - so many routes I didn’t understand! Grace came and saved the day. From that moment on it was plain sailing and she helped me find my dream property in under 1 month. I had seen around 30 properties by this point and I had just started to readjust my expectation for my budget, but the property I was hoping for did actually exist. Grace also guided me through to completion with all the right contacts and what to expect and she is currently helping me with alteration works to really make this my perfect home. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you!"

Yuki Dowding, Camberwell

"I don't often write testimonials but the quality and commitment of the expert help Grace provided us with, compelled me to!

My partner and I were looking to buy a second property, by taking out a Buy to Let mortgage against our existing home. We identified a large period property, needing some work but hopefully one with a solid resale value. However the current climate had made me considerably more nervous about the venture and Grace was recommended to provide some guidance throughout the process. I also had no idea of house valuations in the current market, which I was also advised Grace would be well positioned to provide some re assurance around.

Grace has so much knowledge and the ability to put everything in totally layman terms. She provided reassurance around the purchase and values, and was particularly insightful at breaking down the content of the survey, so we really understood what we were getting into and had point of comparison from her experience. Most importantly (perhaps!) she gave solid and experienced guidance regarding price negotiation, and how to do this in a way that was both fair to us and to the vendors. Having the perspective of an experienced estate agent being 'on our side' really helped to strengthen our position during a particularly stressful period and I would even say I'm sleeping better after bringing her on board!"

Emilia Woolheim, Lewes

"This was my first time buying a property and I went into it with a great sense of unknown. However, Grace was there to guide me at every stage. Not only did she help find me an incredible property but also gave me the tips, advice, and support to make the purchasing process as seamless as possible."

Jamie Johnson - Tooting, South London

"I cannot recommend Grace enough if you need support when choosing and buying a property - she made the purchase of my home stress-free and added valuable insights throughout the process. Grace has a serious amount of experience about the London property market. From knowing all the go-to people (solicitors, surveyors and mortgage brokers) to helping read between the lines on gray areas in the purchase as well as being well-versed on the trends and economics of the London property market."

Harriet Dodd - Hackney, East London