About PlaceLondon

Our aim is to make buying property less risky and stressful for those who have limited experience in doing so, or for those who simply don't have the time to dedicate to the process.

We want to make buying agency services affordable for everyone - with a particular awareness of the importance of the service being accessible to first time buyers who often need this guidance more than anyone but who in reality are usually the least likely to be able to afford it. By fragmenting the purchase process into three core stages, we offer as much or as little help as is required, and this structure allows us to be particularly competitive with our pricing.

Search/Buying agents are an often very expensive, and are therefore traditionally best suited to wealthy investors and high net worth individuals who are "cash rich and time poor". The reality of the situation in London however is that first and second time buyers are also among some of the most "time poor" and for these less affluent purchasers, getting this important investment right can be a big step towards achieving a better work/life balance, often providing the valuable opportunity for a secondary income.

The property buying process in the UK is renowned for being a risky business for purchasers, who often have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of pounds on fees, well in advance of their purchase becoming contractually binding. Estate agents work for property vendors, and their job is to achieve the best price from the most reliable buyer for their client. At PlaceLondon we work for you as the purchaser, with the objective of finding the right property for you at the right price, simplifying and expediting the process wherever possible. We will always provide an experienced second opinion and our market knowledge enables an extremely thorough approach from the offset that we believe can ultimately minimize the risk of purchase fall through and loss of fees further down the line.